The Sweet Dropper: A Mystery to Ruin All Others

What is the reason that men are taken up with admiration of petty mysteries, of poor things ? Because their thoughts were never raised up to higher considerations. A wise man will wonder at nothing, because he knows greater things than those objects presented to him, he hath seen greater measures than those ; so it is with a wise Christian. Do you think he will stand wondering at great and rich men, at great places and honours, and such things? Indeed, he knows how to give that respect that is due. Alas ! he hath had greater matters in the eye of his soul, and hath what is great in this world to him, to whom the world itself is not great. What is great in this world to him to whom Christ is great; to whom heaven and the mysteries of religion are great? All things else are little to him to whom these things are great.  -Richard Sibbes in The Fountain Opened

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