Tolle Lege: Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is)

Readability: 1


Author: Joshua Harris

There is no magic incantation within Joshua Harris’ book guaranteed to kill lust, and that is exactly why you need to read it. In Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is) Harris blends honesty, humility, truth, grace, and firmness as he deals with the monstrous sin of lust. In addition it is extremely practical, and most important Biblically faithful. After reading it I immediately wanted to give it away to all my students, nephews, and nieces.

In our losing battle against lust we’re often misguided in three key areas. We’ve had…

  • the wrong standard for holiness,
  • the wrong source of power to change,
  • and the wrong motive for fighting our sin.

Here’s the mistake I have often made.  I know that media contains a certain amount of sinful content that is dangerous. But instead of seeing how much I can avoid, I spend my energy trying to see how much I can handle. I’m like a person who figure out he can take half a poison pill every day without killing himself. It’s good that he’s not dying, but can it be healthy to take all those halves of poison pills.

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