The Doctor: Christians are not Christmas Trees

In other words, in Christianity it is always the inward state that matters, the spirit of the mind, this transformation, this shining forth of the inner being.  The conduct of Christian men and women is not something that they add on to their lives, it is not like putting on a suit.  As we have seen it is the outward expression of something that is within.  This can be illustrated by something which we see at Christmastime.  Before Christmas, people buy their Christmas trees and on the branches they often hang silver and gold apples and pears.  They tie this artificial fruit on to the tree with thin pieces of string or wire.  The artificial is that which is put on the tree.  When you go into an orchard you also see apples and pears, but they are real, and have grown from the inner life of the tree – now that is Christianity.  – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Romans Vol. 12, pp. 109-110

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