[Review] Words from the Fire

Readability:  1

Length: 195 pgs

Author:  Albert Mohler

Words from the Fire is an excellent little book for the Christian on the Ten Commandments.  Each commandment is clearly taught, masterly illustrated, proper studied in its context, and then examined and applied in light of Christ.  Here is a book for the whole of you, to inform your mind, convict your heart, and direct your will.

[W]e do not celebrate a lawless grace any more than looking to the Old Testament we should see a graceless law.  There is grace in the law.  Israel, in hearing the Word of the Lord and receiving these words received grace!  And if we do not understand that, we slander both the Old Testament and the God who spoke to Israel at Horeb.

The prevailing secular mind-set says that law is simply a product of human experience codified in legislative form.  It is just how we learned to live with each other.  There is no absolute or transcendent ought.  There is merely a phenomenological is

Adultery begins a breakdown of order that threatens the entire society, for how can we trust each other if we cannot trust our most intimate commitments?  …Marriage is the little universe upon which every other human relation depends.

The big lie is that we are what we own, or we can be what we want to own, what we wear, or what we drive.  What do we do when we get a new car?  We have got to show it to someone, almost like there is no fun to be had if nobody is around to covet it.  We provide a drive-by opportunity to covet.

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