The Doctor: It’s Not the Fall That Kills Ya

The most terrible aspect of falling into sin is not so much that I have failed, or that I have fallen, or that I am miserable, or that I need release, but that I have failed God and misrepresented Him, and that men and women in the world will know nothing about His praise, His glory, His virtues, His excellencies.  They will say that to be a Christian makes no difference, that Christians are like themselves after all.  They will ask, Where is the difference?  So they may dismiss Christianity and Christ.  It is as we realize that we are His representatives, that we are the channels that He has chosen by means of which He will show forth His own glory, His own excellency, His own power and the wonder of His ways, that we shall proceed to deal with the problem of sin.  – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Romans Vol. 7, p. 147

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