Hymns I’m Angry I Didn’t Learn as a Child (10)

I love the deep, rich, vision of a God who is an overflowing fountain in this song, not a lonely watering trough.  I especially love how the first stanza speaks of His aseity, that is His self-sufficiency and independence.  What do you think?

Thou Wast, O God: And Thou Wast Blest
By John Mason

Thou wast, O God: And thou was blest
Before the World begun;
Of thine Eternity possest
Before Time’s Glass did run.
Thou needest none thy Praise to sing,
As if thy Joy could fade.
Could’st thou have needed any thing,
Thou could’st have nothing made.

Great and Good God, it pleased Thee
Thy God-Head to declare;
And what thy Goodness did decree,
Thy Greatness did prepare:
Thou spak’st, and Heav’n and Earth appear’d,
And answer’d to thy Call;
As if their Maker’s Voice they heard,
Which is the Creatures’ ALL.

Thou spak’st the Word, most mighty Lord,
Thy Word went forth with speed;
Thy Will, O Lord, it was thy Word,
Thy Word it was thy Deed.
Thou brought’st forth Adam from the Ground,
And Eve out of his Side;
Thy Blessing made the Earth abound
With these Two multiply’d.

Those three great Leaves, Heav’n, Sea and Land;
Thy Name in Figures show;
Brutes feel the Bounty of thy Hand,
But I my Maker know.
Should not I here thy Servant be,
Whose Creatures serve me here?
My Lord, whom should I fear, but Thee,
Who am thy Creatures Fear?

To whom, Lord, should I Sing, but Thee,
The Maker of my Tongue?
Lo! Other Lords would seize on me,
But I to Thee belong:
As Waters haste unto their Sea,
And Earth unto its Earth;
So let my Soul return to Thee,
From whom it had its Birth.

But Ah! I’m fallen in the Night,
And cannot come to thee;
Yet speak the Word, Let there be Light,
It shall Enlighten me:
And let thy Word, most Mighty Lord,
Thy Fallen Creature raise;
O make me o’er again, and I
Shall sing my Maker’s Praise.

One thought on “Hymns I’m Angry I Didn’t Learn as a Child (10)”

  1. I like this too. Especially the hope within the last stanza in “make me o’er again, and I shall sing my Maker’s praise.” Reminds one of hope despite the oft occuring fall. I remember talking at the very first Still about the security for us of God’s aseity. Not that that is the only thing that makes it so wonderful but as one who grew up burdened with thinking that His joy rested on me, even to the point of thinking that my mistakes would create punishment for other people, I felt like I’d been released from prison when God revealed to me this very beautiful Biblical truth and the real nature of Himself. I love being reminded of it. Thanks!


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