Symphonic Cacophony (Exodus 8:16–32)

Organized chaos, symphonic cacophony, constructive destruction: that is what the wonders of judgment that befall Egypt are. Creation is unraveling for the purpose of new creation. Judgment is falling for salvation.

If you’re a buck private on the front line, things might seem chaotic, but for the general who can see the whole war, there’s order to the madness. When Joshua attacked Ai the second time he divided his forces, sending a division behind the city to ambush it. Once Joshua came against the city with the remaining troops, Israel fled as in the previous battle, pretending defeat. The men of Ai thought this was a good kind of chaos and pursued. The Israelite ambushers then set fire to Ai. Now the men of Ai were in chaos. Organized chaos. Israel’s pretend chaos was the plan. Ai’s genuine chaos was the plan.

We know the story. We know the strategy. We know that from the chaos of the cross new creation burst forth. Every millimeter of chaos is ordered. Not one particle of violence falls to the ground unintended. Something beyond laser-guided accuracy sends forth every bolt of lightning. Earthquakes rattles this earth with a precision that would make a brain surgeon envious. Our God is so big, He is Lord over the smallest details. The chaos stirs up a lot of dust, but not one mote floats through the air unguided.

Skyscraper implosions are amazing. Organized chaos, for the purpose of rebuilding. God implodes stars, and with atomic accuracy for purposes beyond us. But His greatest marvel is redemption. From the chaos of the judgment of the plagues come redemption and  new creation. From the chaos of the judgment of the cross come redemption and new creation.

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