The Penning Pastor: A Tree Without Root

A Christian is the child of God by faith in Christ: he draws near to God in the name of Christ: he is led and supported by the Spirit of Christ: Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, of the faith, hope, and love of every believer. From him alone every good desire proceeds: by him alone every good purpose is established: in him alone any of our best performances are acceptable. Let us beware (it is a necessary caution in these days) of a Christianity without Christ. I testify to you in plain words, that this is no better than a house without a foundation, a tree without a root, a body without a head, a hope without hope; a delusion, which, if persisted in, will end in irremediable destruction: “for other foundation can no man lay, than that which is laid, Christ Jesus ;” he is the corner-stone, “chosen of God and precious.” Alas! for those who are offended with him in whom God is well pleased! but those who trust in him shall never be ashamed. —John Newton, Works

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