Mogwai and Gremlins

This post was originally published August 21, 2008

Alas, a generation has arisen that is ignorant of Mogwai and Gremlins.  Mogwai are cute, furry, little, innocent creatures. There are only three rules concerning them:

  1. Don’t let them near bright light. It kills them.
  2. Don’t get them wet. They multiply; the more wet the more Mogwai.  Upon multiplying their cute, innocent disposition is done away with.
  3. Don’t feed them after midnight. They then go into a cocoon stage and morph into Gremlins .

Sins are like Mogwai. Initially we think they are cute. We play with them, tickle them, laugh at them. They become our companions. But Mogwai always end up producing ugly Gremlins, the kind of sins that devastate us. We are walking along thinking we are doing so great spiritually because of all our “I do not’s”, and sudenly a Gremlin sin pops up and we’re stunned wondering “where did that come from?” John Owen advised, “Be killing sin or it will be killing you.” The law of sin is always at work in us, it never sleeps; we must be ever mortifying, always realizing its seriousness, never putting our spiritual gear in neutral. We must expose our sins to the light (note: sunlight kills both Mogwai and Gremlins) and extend them no mercy however cute they may seem.

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