The Pugilist: The Hypocrisy of Liberal Christology

Liberal theologians accuse the early Christians of revising Jesus so that He is more than man because of their predispositions. The Jesus we read of according to them reveals their subjective thoughts concerning Jesus and not objective history. Below Warfield argues that the liberal theologians are guilty of the same crime, they don’t believe in the supernatural, so they revise Jesus to fit their predispositions.

In the absence of all positive proof that Jesus was not what His followers represent Him, we must accept Him as what they represent Him. To refer subjectively to the faith of His followers what they refer objectively to His person, for no other reason than that it would seem to us more natural that He should have been something different — what we choose to think Him rather than what they knew Him to be — is only to be guilty ourselves, in the portrait which we form of Jesus, in an immensely aggravated form, of the fault of which we accuse them. B.B. Warfiled, Concerning Schmiedel’s “Pillar Passages”

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