Hell… No?

I have nothing new to add to controversy concerning Rob Bell’s newest book, Love Wins. But I do want to make accessible to you many of the resources I have found helpful, insightful, and most importantly, Biblical.


Kevin DeYoung: The most thorough review dealing with the problems found in Love Wins under the following headings: historical, exegetical, eschatological, Christological, and Gospel problems. (21 printed pages)

Albert Mohler: Shows how indeed, as Bell claims, that he is saying nothing new, and that is the tragedy. Here we have the same old heresies rehashed, the heresies especially apparent in Protestant Liberalism. (7 printed pages)

Russell Moore: Deals with Bell making “blood” is nothing more than a cultural metaphor. (3 printed pages)

Denny Burk: A great chapter by chapter review that clearly sums up the errors Bell espouses. (11 printed pages)

Tim Challies: A clear review that deals with the big ideas of Love Wins. (6 printed pages)

Greg Gilbert: Deals well with the meaning of aion as meaning “eternal” in many contexts. (3 printed pages)

Trevin Wax: Writes of what the furor over Bell’s book reveals about Evangelicalism. (2 printed pages)

Michael Horton: A great chapter by chapter review that shows many of Bell’s faulty presuppositions. (16 printed pages)

Carl Trueman: Deals explicitly with Bell’s poor quotation of Luther in his defence. (5 printed pages)

Audio / Video:

The Gospel Coalition Discussion Panel: A discussion moderated by Kevin DeYoung, including D. A. Carson, Tim Keller, Crawford Loritts, and Stephen Um.

Southern Seminary Discussion Panel: Alber Mohler, Russell Moore, Denny Burk, and Justin Taylor discuss the book.

Unbelievable: A British Radio Program host a discussion between Adrian Warnock and Rob Bell.

White Horse Inn: An interview with Kevin DeYoung.

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