Matthew 10:16-42 & Unique Demands

The demands Jesus makes of His own in this chapter are unique. Others have made them, but we do not think them good men, but the worst kind of men. So the uniqueness here is not most deeply in what Jesus is commanding, but more so how He is commanding. Jesus commands these things with supreme authority. Jesus is the only one who can command such things of His followers, and not be tyrannical, not be evil. Indeed, if we have eyes to see, these commands come to us with the force not of demands, but of blessed privilege.

We are worthy of hell, because He is worthy of all glory, and we sought to steal it for ourselves. Yet Jesus so saves us that in calling us to Himself, He sends us out into the world with His power and presence to proclaim His authoritative message, making much of He whom we once so belittled, yea, whom we continue to so belittle. Yes, if we see, we too will depart “rejoicing that that [we] were counted worthy so suffer dishonor for the name. (Acts 5:41)

Only Jesus can say, “Go die for me,” and it come to us as life.

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