Tolle Lege: Raised with Christ

Readability:  1

Length: 262

Author: Adrian Warnock

Raised with Christ is not just a good book about the resurrection, that is enough, but it is more. It is a good book about the resurrection applied to life, or, as the subtitle puts it, “How the Resurrection Changes Everything.”

You will not find any bare theologizing about the resurrection here, this glorious truth will be applied to all of life. This is a precious, central truth, the distinguishing truth of our faith. It should make a difference in our minds, hearts, and wills. This book works toward that end.

The church did not create the resurrection stories; instead the resurrection stories created the church.

Have you ever met a wise person who seems to say very few words? Some people use many words, of which we remember very few. Others will remain silent, perhaps even while watching a debate, saying nothing at all. Then when everyone else is finished, they may add a sentence that dramatically cuts through everything that has been said. The theme of resurrection in the Bible is a bit like that wise person. We read patiently through many other subjects, and then suddenly a single phrase interjects, illuminating everything and bringing a hope that goes beyond death itself.

The credit of Jesus’ righteousness is much larger than the debt of our sin. His account had more positive approval than the negative disapproval that was due to all of us. The debt was paid, and as a result, as a righteous man and the beloved Son of God, the Father was entirely just to raise him. Jesus had turned away God’s wrath, he had destroyed sin, our guilt could now be taken away, and we could be counted righteous. If the cross was Jesus’ payment for our sins, then the resurrection marked God’s acceptance of that payment.

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