The Sweet Dropper: His Abasement, Our Advancement

Was our nature advanced in his incarnation? Much more was it glorified in his exaltation, when he carried it to heaven with him. Here was the mystery of the exaltation of our nature. God was as much abased as he could be, being born and dying for us. Our human nature was as much advanced as it could be, when God raised it up to heaven. God could be no more abased, remaining God; and man’s nature can be no more advanced, remaining the true nature of man. This is a ‘great mystery,’ the  advancement of our nature in Christ, that was made ‘lower than the angels ;’ he was ‘a worm, and no man.’ Now our nature in Christ is advanced above the angels. Now this nature of ours in Christ, it is next to the nature of God in dignity; here is a mystery.  –Richard Sibbes in The Fountain Opened

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