Hero: 2011

I don’t believe the Bible is a book of heroes.  It is a book about the Hero.  The Bible does have heroes in it, but that is not what it is about.  Nonetheless, I do believe in having heroes, and I believe it is Biblical to have them.

Heroes are not perfect, and thus they point us to Christ in three ways.  Their faults (weaknesses and sins) point us to the Savior that they, and we, all need.  With this foundation we learn two further truths concerning their strengths.  First, they are a result of God’s gifting and working in them such that He gets all the glory.  Second, their strengths point us to Jesus, the ultimate curve breaker.  All heroes are judged in relation to Him.

Every year I single out one hero to study in particular.  This year I will study Richard Sibbes.

Richard Sibbes was born in 1577 at Tostock, Suffolk.  This son of a wheelwright loved books and with the help of supporters went to Cambridge at the age of 18.  There he would receive his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts, but most importantly He would be converted under the preaching of Paul Baynes in 1603.

Sibbes was ordained to the ministry in 1608, chosen as one of the college preachers in 1610, and earned his Bachelor of Divinity in 1611.  From 1611 to 1616 he would lecture at Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge.  In 1617 He would journey to London to be Lecturer for Gray’s Inn.  Additionally he became master of St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge in 1626.  Finally, while retaining the previous two positions he would serve as vicar of Holy Trinity, Cambridge until his death in 1635.

I was warmed towards reading Sibbes by reading others, notably John Piper and Mark Dever.  At the embark of this journey I have only read two titles, which I will reread this year, A Description of Christ and The Bruised Reed.  The Bruised Reed is one of the most comforting books I have ever read.  I encourage you to get the paperback version and profit deeply from it.

Every week I will post some gleanings from Sibbes.  All posts will be marked, “The Sweet Dropper,” a name Sibbes was known by.  If you have not already ready him I am sure you will soon see why.

2 thoughts on “Hero: 2011”

  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Josh.

    Sibbes looks like a great choice. I’ve settled on Jeremiah Burroughs.

    Are you going to attend the DG Pastors conference?


    1. Thanks Noah.

      Burroughs should be profitable. Of the few titles I’ve read I’ve always found him very readable and gospel centered.

      I really wish I could attend the DG Pastor’s Conference but can’t make it. I am very excited about the theme and eager to listen to the audio.


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