The Doctor: Faith Is Not Reason, Nor Unreasonable

Faith brings you into the Bible and then you see the great reasonableness of it all.  For Christ is not only the power or God, He is the wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1:24), and when you are in it, you see that this alone is wisdom and everything else would be unfair and unreasonable.  If faith were a matter of reason, then only people with great intellects could be Christians.  On the other hand, faith is not unreasonable, because if that were so, no one with an intellect could be a Christian either.  But because it is what it is, it puts us all oin the same level.  We accept this revelation and then proceed to understand.  That is the relation between faith and reason.  – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Great Doctrines of the Bible, Volume 2, p. 148

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