The Doctor: Wrong Problem – Wrong Appeals

[M]an’s only need ultimately is to be reconciled to God.  Nothing else.  You see if you start with man and man’s needs you find that there are a large number of people who are not interested in your evangelism.  They say, ‘But I never do that, I have not been guilty of that sin’.  Highly moral, intellectual people, living a good life and trying to help others, sitting in their self-contained homes – they do not see any need of coming to Christ.  There is only one way to show that everybody needs Christ, and that is to hold them face to face with God.  …You see it affects, of necessity, our whole approach to the unbeliever, the whole matter of evangelism.  And so you get wrong appeals.  You actually get evangelists sometimes saying, ‘Come! God needs you’.  Have you not heard that?  It is quite common.  Or it is put in the form of the benefits of salvation.  “How foolish you are. Come!  If you only came this is what you would get’ – and so the things are put before them.  And of course when you get to the point of pressure being brought being brought to bear upon people to make an immediate decision, it is still further wrong.  – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Romans Vol. 11, p. 129

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