Tolle Lege: A Call to Spiritual Reformation

Readability: 2

Length: 226 pgs

Author: D.A. Carson

D.A. Carson’s A Call to Spiritual Reformation is currently my favorite book on prayer.  In fact it is probably my favorite Carson book.  It is one of my favorite books ever! 

The book is composed of a series of sermons surveying Paul’s prayers in his epistles.  I have heard Cason and others testify that God greatly blessed these messages when they were originally delivered and a marked difference in power was measured from those days.  I certainly can testify that as I read the book I was deeply convicted, taught, and had sweet communion with God.  God has used these sermons to impact my prayer life, I am certain He will use them to impact yours. 

Do you not sense, with me, the severity of the problem? Granted that most of us know some individuals who are remarkable prayer warriors, is it not nevertheless true that by and large we are better at organizing than agonizing? Better at administering than interceding? Better at fellowship than fasting? Better at entertainment than worship? Better at theological articulation than spiritual adoration? Better—God help us!—at preaching than at praying?

What is wrong? Is not this sad state of affairs some sort of index of our knowledge of God? Shall we not agree with J.I. Packer when he writes, ‘I believe that prayer is the measure of the man, spiritually, in a way that nothing else is, so that how we pray is as important a question as we can ever face’?  Can we profitably meet the other challenges that confront the Western church if prayer is ignored as much as it has been?

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