Tolle Lege: A Sweet and Bitter Providence

Readability: 1

Length: 154 pgs

Author: John Piper

This is a readable little book about Ruth dealing predominantly with the theme of providence.  While A Sweet and Bitter Providence is not my favorite book on Ruth, nor one of my favorite Piper books, it is full of good, solid, digestible truth.  Here are a few tidbits.

Is God’s bitter providence the last word?  Are bitter ingredients (like vanilla extract) put in the mixer to make the cake taste bad?

Knowing how this book ends gives us a sense, as we begin, that nothing will be insignificant here.

Seek refuge under the wings of God, even when they seem to cast only shadows, and at just the right time God will let you look out from his Eagle’s nest onto some spectacular sunrise.

A follower of Christ in any ethnic group is a closer relative to us than any blood relativewho rejects our Savior.


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