The Doctor: God’s Greatest Act

What it means, in other words, is that the salvation of a single soul is the most wonderful thing that God has ever done.  He has surpassed and eclipsed everything.  All His ways are matchless, godlike and divine; the creation, providence, the manifestation of power over Pharaoh and his hosts, the manifestation of His wrath – all these things are manifestations of the glory of god.  But they are nothing when you put them beside what God has done in the redemption of man.  Even creation becomes nothing when you put it beside this; providence is nothing, punishment is nothing; everything is eclipsed here.  This, the Bible teaches us, is indeed the very wonder of heaven itself.  – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Romans Vol. 9, p. 226

One thought on “The Doctor: God’s Greatest Act”

  1. Is this part of the reason why it’s so mysterious; because it’s such a mighty work of God and He is so above us? I find it very hard to comprehend the salvation of a soul, am I alone on that?

    Like the new look for the site! I leave town for one week and you start changing things…


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