No Word

It is hard to imagine any greater pain than that of losing a little child.  It is like an amputation, so that though one may learn to live with the loss, the parent is never the same again.  In the English language we have a word for those who have lost their parents: an orphan.  We have a word for those who have lost their spouse: a widow or widower.  We have no word for those who have lost a child.  It is as if the very thought is too painful to put into words.  –Roger Carswell

2 thoughts on “No Word”

  1. I had wondered why there wasn’t a word for it, but I think that’s right. There just isn’t a word for the pain and the heartache. But I just tell myself that the reunion will be sweeter than the pain is hurtful. And those sweet babies got to skip all the problems of this old world and go straight to Jesus. When I mourn, I’m only being selfish. Now that is for MY baby and that was 31 years ago. Maybe in 31 years I can feel the same about Elijah and Josey. But right now I’m just grieving.


  2. I have to say brother, when I read this quote I started to tear up. I personally can’t imagine losing my two daughters. The thought alone tears the gut out of me.


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