Baby Josey King

Disclaimer: I do not believe there is a heavenly post from here to heaven. I don’t expect God to act as my mail boy. I don’t anticipate with hope the opportunity to say these things. My hope is much bigger; so much so that this little letter will one day seem trite. This letter was simply my way of grieving and expressing my faith. [Added 11.2.17]


Oh, how we love you. We know so little about you, we’re not even sure if you’re our baby daughter or son, but we do know that we love you. Your mommy lept, shouted, and danced with joy when the pregnancy test revealed you were forming within her belly!  She heralded your life to PaPa and Gran, Papa and Grandma! Her eruption of joy was the purest motherly delight I’ve ever seen. Oh, how she would have loved you!

Josey, you were bathed in prayer. You were the answer to a plethora of prayer. During your little life on this earth you swam in a sea of prayer. When others were told to expect you they told us of their prayers for you. Many rejoiced to hear of you. Many praised God because of His great mercy toward us in giving us you. God answered our prayer.  He said “yes” and “no”.  His “no” was a gracious “no”.  I do not understand the grace of God in taking you, but His grace is not for me to understand, but to receive. I do not understand all the minutia of the suffering that occurs under the sovereign hand of God, but I do understand the greatest purpose He has in it—His glory. Majestic, eternal, unfading, effulgent glory; the glory you now bask in.  This is my hope and my joy, even now.

Josey, your namesake is Joseph.  His is a story of the grace of God abounding in blessing upon His covenant people. What was meant for evil by sinners within and Satan without, God worked for good. God’s grace is sovereign even over the sins of His covenant people.  Evil spiritual forces will tempt us to sin in this trial, I will and I have. I am so frail. My faith is weak, but my God is faithful. The one who sustained and sanctified Joseph will do so for your mother and me. May your precious little life tell others that our story, like Joseph’s, is not one of our great faith, but God’s great faithfulness toward us in Jesus Christ.

We will miss and mourn you for now.  But only for now.

7 thoughts on “Baby Josey King”

  1. Josh,
    We were so saddened by the news of your loss of baby Josey. Nina and I have prayed for you and Bethany, and we will continue to do so. We are so thankful that you remain faithful to serve our great God who is Sovereign and Just. Although we do not always understand why such trials and difficulties occur, we must continue to submit to the One who does know all things. To God be the Glory.

    “It is very apparent from the word of God, that he is wont often to try the faith and patience of his people, when crying to him for some great and important mercy, by withholding the mercy sought for a season; and not only so, but at first to cause an increase of dark appearances. And yet he, without fail, at last succeeds those who continue instant in prayer, with all perseverance, and ‘will not let him go except he blesses…'” – Jonathan Edwards


  2. Good morning dear King family. Angie and I wanted to drop a quick note to tell you both how much we love and appreciate you. We missed you this weekend and look forward to having fellowship with you in the future.

    God bless!


  3. We are praying for you. Our words of condolence and encouragement are insufficient to heal the sorrow in your hearts, but you know that the promises of our almighty God will wipe away your sorrow and give you peace and hope.

    We are here if you need anything. Groceries, praying together, house cleaning, raking leaves….you name it. We love you guys!


  4. Our family loves both of you dearly and pray for your daily. It never ceases to amaze me how you minister to US when you are the ones grieving. I do not know words to express our sadness at your loss; God is sovereign and in control.


  5. I printed out your letter to Josey and took it home to dad. He put a copy of it in the bulletin yesterday along with your address so anyone at church that wanted to could send you a card. Hope that was okay. He was just so proud of that letter and you and Bethany.
    Some things just don’t change… matter what anyone says the hurt just won’t quit. You know I would go through it again myself ten times over to keep you and Bethany from ever having to through it. But there are some things a parent can’t protect their children from no matter how much they want to.
    Love You Both!!


  6. Been thinking about you guys constantly and the awesome namesake you’ve given your child. God moved then, you know He does still. I’m proud of you for proclaiming that while your hearts feel broken. We love you both so much and you’re covered in our prayers!


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