The Doctor: The Most Important and Most Moving Chapters of the Bible?

We come here to the great 8th chapter of this Epistle.  There is a general agreement about this chapter, not only from the standpoint of interpretation, but in saying that it is one of the greatest chapters in the Bible.  There is a sense in which it is invidious to draw such distinctions, and yet we must agree that there are certain chapters and passages in the Scriptures which have always meant more to God’s people than others.  There is nothing wrong with in that; it is simply that there are variations.  As the Apostle says of the body that there are some parts which are more comely than others, so it is in the great body of truth which we call the Scripture; and as long as that does not lead us to disparage other chapters and passages there is no harm done in saying that this is an outstanding chapter.  I agree with those who say that it is one of the brightest gems of all.  Someone has said that in the whole of the Scriptures the brightest and most lustrous and flashing stone, or collections of stones, is this Epistle to the Romans, and that of these this is the brightest gem in the cluster.  Personally, if I were pressed for an opinion, I would say that the most important chapter in this Epistle is chapter 5, but in many senses the most moving chapter is this chapter 8.  – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Romans Volume 6, pp. 258-259

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