The Doctor: Against Mere Moralism, Emotionalism, or Intellectualism

What I desire to emphasize at the moment is the greatness of this change.  It is not enough for us merely to know that we have been changed, or that a Christian is a man who must undergo a change; we must have some inadequate conception of the greatness of the change which is undergone.  We see the greatness in this way, that it is a change which affects the whole of a man’s personality.  Look at it again.  ‘Ye have obeyed’ – there is you will.  ‘From the heart’ – there is you emotion.  What have you obeyed from the heart?  ‘The form of doctrine delivered you’.  How do you apprehend doctrine?  You do so with you mind.  So the change a man undergoes to become a Christian is a change that affects him in his mind, in his heart, and in his will; the entire personality is involved.  – D. Martyn Lloyd Jones, Romans Volume 5, p. 207

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