Relapsing into Thankfulness (Colossians 1:12–14

Intoxicated with Christ, Paul is a thanksgiving addict. Though Paul transitioned from thanksgiving to supplication in v. 9, you get the sense that he’s about to lapse back into thanksgiving in vv. 12–14. In his petition, Paul turns from “you” to “us” and “we,” as He reflects on the Father who has qualified, delivered, transferred, and redeemed them in the Son.

Following on the heels of this, Paul bursts into a hymn of praise of Christ in vv. 15–20. There is a thin border between praise and thanksgiving, and the borders are always being crossed. Praise and thanksgiving have weak boarders because they must visit one another. Praise is an expression of thanksgiving, and thanksgiving is a form of praise.

Thanksgiving is natural. As Paul reflects on why the Father is worthy of thanks, he can barely contain himself. A walk worthy of the Lord (v. 10) is a walk of thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is fitting, it corresponds to who God is and what He has done. Christian thanksgiving is natural. It isn’t a forced or fake. It isn’t insincere of coerced. It is a habit the saints should naturally fall into.

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