I’m Going Dark in Hope to Better Proclaim the Light

For the regulars, I’ll be going dark over the next few weeks in regards to blogdom, Twitterdom, and Facebookdom. Nearly all my writing is the overflow of my preaching ministry at FBCM. John, another elder at the church, is currently preaching a series through Romans 8. I’m thankful for John, thankful for the opportunity to sit under the Word with my family, and thankful for a church that is elder led.

So, am I able to disclose anything regarding my covert ops during this time? Yes. I’m still doing a lot of sermon prep. Following Romans 8 I’ll be preaching a succession of a few shorter series, the first of which will be Habakkuk. I once heard a pastor say that a pastor told him early in his ministry to prepare his people for suffering. A Christian’s responding to suffering is like a soldier’s responding to war: the time to learn how to respond is before you’re immersed in it. When I started at FBCM I knew I wanted to start with a gospel so that the people heard about Jesus every week, and let them know, that though we may go on to other books, nothing is changing, we’re still going to talk about Jesus every week. Thus, we spent about two years going through Matthew. Following that we journeyed through 1 Timothy because we had transitioned to being an elder led church soon after I arrived here. With those series behind me, I’m finally getting around to teaching the sheep entrusted to me, to trust the good Shepherd, wherever He may lead.

Following Habakkuk, I’ll take a handful of Psalms and preach them. I plan on going straight through the book of Psalms, a handful at a time, interspersing them in between other sermon series. After Psalms I’ll get to another series I’ve wanted to do for some time, the Lord’s Supper. After this, we’ll slow down the pace and spend substantial time in Exodus. This means I’ll be using this time to do a lot of reading concerning law and gospel.

I’ll also be preaching a revival at the church of a good friend. But, in good dark op fashion, you’ll have to contact me via a secure means if you want more information.

Finally, some housekeeping. I’ve decided to discontinue the “Tolle Lege” post series. If you enjoyed those posts, you can still catch my thoughts and ratings of books via GoodReads. I already post there more frequently, and this conserves my time to labor in ways that I believe are more fruitful.

I covet your prayer for my studies. May I be faithful. May they be fruitful. May Christ be glorified.

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