Tolle Lege: Gospel Deeps

Gospel DeepsReadability: 1

Length: 201 pp

Author: Jared Wilson

I read Jared Wilson not because he pastors a big church (he doesn’t), but because he preaches a big gospel (the gospel that truly builds the church big). Gospel Deeps was a delight to read, one of my favorite this year. As is par, I will let the book speak for itself.

My driving conviction in this book is that the gospel of Jesus Christ is big. Like, really big. Ginormous, if you will. And deep. Deep and rich. And beautiful. Multifaceted. Expansive. Powerful. Overwhelming. Mysterious. But vivid, too, and clear. Illuminating. Transforming. And did I mention big?

It is a sad irony, then, that the ever-fashionable impulse to do justice to the depths of God’s love amount to a very dramatic exercise in one-dimensionalism. This is polyhedronal stuff, man. Woe to the flatteners of what is hyperspatial, multi-dimensional, intra-Trinitarian, eternal in ways awesomer than “one year after another.”

The gospel in fact is scaled to the very shape of God himself.

The gospel announces the fullness of God for the fullness of man despite the fullness of sin.

The tannins of Christ blood contained many hints and strains, a variety of atonement blessings, but they are all pressed for through gods wrathful crushing. When the wrath of God satisfied, the penalty is paid and therefore the victories secured and his love is fulfilled.

He lives a short life and dies that we might die short while and live.

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3 thoughts on “Tolle Lege: Gospel Deeps”

  1. Aloha Josh,

    Is there any way to add my email to a list so that when you post to this site it will automatically be delivered to me? If so that would be groovy.
    Maybe I discovered the answer to my own question at the bottom of this panel.. “notify me of a new post via email.”
    I checked that box and will see if that works or not…
    Here is living in hope.


    1. David,

      I see that you are subscribed from my side. I also added an email subscribe widget to the side. Have you ever tried Feedly? I highly recommend it, especially if you read many blogs.


  2. Josh,
    I do not read many blogs. In fact I subscribe to 2 as of now, yours and that of my pastor in Hawaii. I try to manage my time appropriately and as I am a full time student (BS in religion- then on to Mdiv), a full time husband, a full time caregiver to my parents and try to work somewhere in there as well.
    I really LOVE the heart that permeates your posts and for this reason I desire to receive them….
    I will try out feedly…


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