Tolle Lege: A Neglected Grace

Readability: 1Neglected Grace

Length: 109 pp

Author: Jason Helopoulos

A Neglected Grace, some books need to be written just for their title. Family worship is a neglected grace, it is not a burden, but a grace. This book isn’t a hypocritical-white-washed-tomb Pharisee, the innards match up with the outards. There is grace here one wouldn’t want to neglect.

It’s gone! Or, at the very least, it is rarely seen or heard. If it were an animal, it would be on the endangered species list. We have not only stopped doing it, but we have stopped talking about it. We hear few sermons or pastoral exhortations that attend to it. We find few fathers and mothers encouraging one another to pursue it. Christian publications seem to have forgotten about it altogether. And yet, in the history of the church, it has been one of the Christian family’s strongest characteristics: That is why this book includes a number of quotes from Christians of previous centuries.

What is it that was part of the DNA of the Christian family in previous centuries, but seems to have all but vanished in this past century? Family worship. This glorious expression of our Christian faith used to mark Christian homes, but over the past one hundred years, the evangelical church seems to have for-gotten about it. It is time for us to explore and promote family worship in the church again.

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