Tolle Lege: Unpacking Forgiveness

Unpacking ForgivenessReadability: 1

Length: 193 pp

Author: Chris Brauns

Sometimes forgiveness is hard. Some people make it too easy. I don’t mean easy to forgive them, they make the act of forgiveness too easy. They say forgiveness is to be automatic and unconditional. I like Unpacking Forgiveness because no matter which side of the teeter-totter the big kid has you stuck on there is solid Biblical wisdom for you here. Forgiveness can be extended in the hardest of situations, and it shouldn’t be automatic, and sometimes there are consequences to actions even after forgiveness. This book is Biblically faithful, incredibly practical, illuminatingly illustrated, and deeply needed.

[God’s] forgiveness can he defined in the following way.

God’s forgiveness: A commitment by the one true God to pardon graciously those who repent and believe so that they are reconciled to him, although this commitment does not eliminate all consequences.

God’s forgiveness is gracious. He offers forgiveness freely. This is not because forgiveness is free in terms of cost. It is a very expensive gift that can be offered freely because, motivated by love, God sent his one and only Son to pay the price for it.

God’s forgiveness is a commitment. When God forgives us, he makes a commitment that we are pardoned from our sin and that it is no longer counted against us.

God’s forgiveness is conditional. Only those who repent and have saving faith are forgiven.

God’s forgiveness lays the groundwork for and begins the process of reconciliation. When God forgives us, our relationship with him is restored.

Not all consequences are immediately eliminated. God disciplines his children as a father disciplines his children (Proverbs 3:12).

God expects believers to forgive others in the way that he forgave them.

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