Beyond 2 × 10 to the 30th Power (Matthew 18:21-35)

1 denarius = 1 days wage.

1 talent = 6,000 denarri or over 16 years of labor.

10,000 talents = over 160,000 years of labor.

Our debt is cosmic, our sins so weighty they make galaxies look miniscule. Your smallest sin is more weighty than the sun. The sun’s mass is estimated at just shy of 2 × 1030 kg. That is a 2 followed by 30 zeros! The sun is so massive it accounts for approximately 99.8 percent of the mass in our solar system. Yet, the sun is finite. Your sins are infinite. They are committed against a God who is infinitely worthy of glory, of obedience, of love. Sin is that big a deal because God is that big a deal.

Whatever is not of faith is sin (Romans 14:23). Think how many seconds of your existence you live without faith. That is how often you live in sin. Ponder how even your every good work is only purified as it is offered up to God through Christ (1 Peter 2:5). You have committed galaxies of sins, with each sin more weighty than a star. Feel the weight of your sins that make the universe comparatively shrink to the size of spinning electrons.

But this is a weak effort to show you the scale of our sins. The best place to look is not up into heavens, but down here on earth at a tree and a naked bleeding Christ hanging on it, under a dark sky.

Truly it [the gospel] is the greatest and purest testimony against sin. Though sinners find favor from the Gospel, sin finds none. The Gospel is not the least indulgent to the least sin. —Ralph Venning

How massive are our sins? The only possible way that our debt could be cancelled, is if the infinitely glorious and beloved Son of God takes on human flesh, achieves all righteousness in our place, and suffers the full wrath of God for our sins. For God to create a star is easy. He need only speak. But to ransom man, God must bleed.

At the cross now you see not only the expanse of your depravity, but the exhaustiveness of God’s grace. And if you say you’ve tasted of this grace, you will be forgiving (1 John 3:10, 15; 4:7, 11; 4:19-21).

More than someone will ever sin against you, they sin against God. God is always the most offended party in sin. When against you, man’s sins are all earth size. Most are pebbles, you should generally just overlook those in forbearance and love. Sometime our brother’s sins are boulders. When boulders are tossed you should confront your brother per the house rules Jesus had just given. If they repent, you must forgive them, for this is beyond comparing boulders to stars.

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