Acts 20:28 & When the Watchman Hydes

Elders are watchmen, entrusted with a city dear to the King. A city he bled to conquer with love. The task calls for unceasing vigilance. Not only are enemies without the walls, treachery is within, and the most dangerous men inside the city are the watchmen. In Christ we are all a Mr. Hyde turned Dr. Jeckyl. It is one thing when Hyde is within the city. It is another when He is the watchman of that city. Elders must make sure that Hyde stays dead. They must mortify him (1 Corinthians 9:27, Romans 8:13). They must “pay careful attention,” not only to the city, but to themselves.

Elders are sinners, and in desiring and being appointed to that office, they place themselves in a position to sin disastrously. If Hyde comes out you will sin against God’s little ones (Matthew 18:6), his dear blood bought city. Elders, watch yourself. The greatest danger when the watchman Hydes isn’t his destruction of the city, but the destruction of his own soul.

[T]hat man will never be careful for the salvation of other men who will neglect his own soul. -John Calvin

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