Tolle Lege: Future Men

Readability: 1

Length: 171 pp

Author: Douglas Wilson

Got boys? Then you’ve got future men, and thus may I highly commend to you Future Men. If your interest isn’t peeked because of a failure to realize the magnitude of what was just said, perhaps a controversial statement will rouse you.

[B]oys should not play with dolls, and boys who do play with them have a problem. One of the themes of this book is to reinforce the truism that the boy is the father to the man. What you have young you will have more of later, old.

This is why I love reading Wilson, especially concerning the home. Other author’s focus on the family is all carrot and no stick. But boys thrive when there are sticks, whether it be playing with one, or being corrected by one. Speaking of sticks, take this:

Men who follow Jesus Christ, the dragon-slayer, must themselves become lesser dragon-slayers. And this is why it is absolutely essential for boys to play with wooden swords and plastic guns. Boys have a deep need to have something to defend, something to represent in battle. And to beat the spears into pruning hooks prematurely, before the war is over, will leave you fighting the dragon with a pruning hook.

The Christian faith is in no way pacifistic. The peace that will be ushered in by our great Prince will be a peace purchased with blood. As our Lord sacrificed Himself in this war, so must His followers learn to do.

Sticks should be swung both by the boy, and, when needed, at the boy. There is much stick slinging wisdom here for both ends. If I didn’t provoke you to read the book, perhaps I provoked you to pick up a stick, and that might be a step in the right direction.

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