Tolle Lege: King’s Cross

King's CrossReadability: 1

Length: 230 pp

Author: Tim Keller

King’s Cross is classic Keller. That means this is a good book. King’s Cross is adapted well from a sermon series through the Mark. The book doesn’t read like a collection of sermons, and picks up only on keys texts. This is a great book for a believer or an unbeliever; both can profit from it. It is an even better book for a believer to go through with an unbeliever. The story of the gospel is clearly, faithfully, freshly, and insightfully told. If that is not an enticing book recommendation, then it should be.

Something happened in the garden—Jesus saw, felt, sensed something—and it shocked the unshockable Son of God. What was it? He was facing something beyond physical torment, even beyond physical death—something so much worse that these were like flea bites by comparison. He was smothered by a mere whiff of what he would go through on the cross. Didn’t he know he was going to die? Yes, but we’re not talking about information here. Of course he knew that; he had told the disciples so repeatedly. But now he is beginning to taste what he will experience on the cross, and it goes far beyond physical torture and death. What is this terrible thing? It’s at the very heart of Jesus’ prayer here. He says, “Take this cup from me.”

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