Tolle Lege: Am I Really a Christian?

Readability: 1

Length: 148 pp

Author: Mike McKinley

If you are struggling as to whether or not you are a Christian I am going to recommend that you read two books: 1 John and Am I Really a Christian? By Mike McKinley. I am deeply thankful for Mike’s book as this is one of the foremost concerns brought to me as a minister. And yet, I think more people need to ask themselves this question. Many people are not doubting that likely need to. I believe this is especially true in the Bible Belt where many have been assured that they are saved because they have prayed some prayer, walked an isle, or some other action. You are not a Christian because of anything you do, but because of what Christ has done. Therefore we don’t need to see if we have done the proper action(s) so that we are a Christian, but we need to see if there is fruit in our lives as a result of our being a Christian. Mike will not speak “peace” to you when there is no peace – and that is why this book has so much potential to give you true peace; either if you are doubting, or if you should.

Imagine for a minute that we’re all running in a race. According to the rules of this race, it doesn’t matter how we place, but it is absolutely critical that we finish. Not only that, our eternal destiny hangs on whether we finish this race. Finishing means eternal joy. Failing to finish, for whatever reason, means eternal suffering. This would be a pretty important race, would it not?

Now imagine that, looking along the racecourse, we see people dressed in running shorts and fancy sneakers, but for some reason they are sitting by the side of the road. Other people are crouched down, still as statues, tense, poised, and ready in the starting blocks. But they never move; they just stay there. Some people are wandering around in circles. Still others are running the wrong way.

Suppose then we stop to talk to these wayward runners and non-runners. Quickly it becomes clear that they are convinced they’re running well. They say they’re looking forward to completing the race and receiving the substantial reward. They smile and talk dreamily about life beyond the finish line. The problem is, we know that they will never finish the race given their pace or direction.

Tell me: What would be the loving thing to do in that case? Would love motivate us to ignore their confusion? Would love motivate us to politely nod and say nothing? Of course not. Love would require us to warn them, to convince them, to plead with them to change their course.

That is the spirit in which I offer this book to you. I hope to serve you by helping you determine if you are “running your race” in the right direction.

[T]he important question is not, “Have I professed faith in Christ in the past?” but rather, “Am I trusting Christ right now for my salvation?” If you must point back to some distant event for evidence that you have an interest in Christ, you might wonder if you genuinely saved. But if you have continued trusting Christ over time, you have reason to have hope in your salvation.

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