Matthew 6:19-24 & Heavenly Math

God doesn’t give us our money, He entrusts us with His money.  It’s not a question of how much of our money will we give to Him, but how much of His money are we bold enough to keep for ourselves.  When Jesus uses strong language to rouse us to this reality He is not seeking to rob our joy. This command and the reward for obeying it are not about merit – they both come as further lavish grace in Christ – they are grace upon grace. Jesus wants us to unfurl our sinful fingers and give away temporal pebbles so that our hands are open to receive eternal diamonds.

Live on less, give more, and receive even more, this is heavenly math.

One thought on “Matthew 6:19-24 & Heavenly Math”

  1. Like the new look for the blog!
    I’m so glad we received this teaching on Wednesday. Coming into earning and managing your own money presents unique challenges sometimes and I understand my position as simply a steward a lot better now.


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