Tolle Lege: Managing God’s Money

Readability: 1

Length: 254 pp

Author: Randy Alcorn

If The Treasure Principle is a guided missile towards our hearts concerning the issue of money, and Money, Possessions, and Eternity is an invasion by the whole army, then  perhaps Managing God’s Money is the air force sent in to knock out most of the enemy forces. Behind all three books there is no better general in my opinion to help use our money strategically – Randy Acorn. I think every Christian should read The Treasure Principle, but if after reading it you want a refresher, or a more through dealing with the various facets of using our money well with out treating the subject exhaustively, then managing God’s Money is perfect.

Many who say, “I have nothing to give,” spend large amounts of discretionary income on cars, clothes, coffee, entertainment, phones, computers, and so on. They have nothing to give when they’re done spending, precisely because they’re never done spending

It’s not how much money we make that grabs hold of our hearts. It’s how much we keep.

Whatever “king’s kid” the prosperity proponents are speaking of, it obviously isn’t Jesus!

We need to stop thinking of ourselves as owners and instead see ourselves as God’s couriers. Just because God puts his money in our hands doesn’t mean he intends for it to stay there!

Much of our “giving” is merely discarding.

If I’m devoted to “simple living,” I might reject a computer because it’s modern and nonessential. But if I live a … strategic lifestyle, the computer may serve as a tool for Kingdom purposes. In my case, I use it daily to serve God in my writing. A microwave oven isn’t essential. But it’s handy and labor saving and can free up time to engage in Kingdom causes. Simple living may be self-centered. Strategic living is Kingdom centered.

Amazon: $5.99

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