Tolle Lege: Community

Readability: 1

Length: 228 pp

Author: Brad House

Community is a great book for ministers and community group leaders. Here you will find plenty of good practical answers to the “How?” of community groups, but the great value of this book is that House first solidly lays a foundation by answering the “Why?” of community groups. It doesn’t matter how “successful” your small groups are if you are not asking why they exist. If you are not asking “Why?” you won’t know what real success means. I don’t agree with all of House’s answers to the how and why questions (mainly I disagree with such language as “incarnational ministry”), but I agree with the main answer as to their existence – to magnify Christ. This solid theologizing concerning community groups makes the book worth reading alone. I plan on going through it will all of our life group leaders. So if you are a life group leader at FBCM you may as well go ahead and click a link below and order it.

[Commenting on 1 Corinthians 1:2-4] Paul is concerned with the legacy of the church in Corinth. He is not satisfied with them merely hearing or knowing the gospel. But it is not that Paul wants the church to do more. He wants them to be more. I am convinced that he is not disappointed with the church as much as he desires to see them live abundant lives that reflect what Jesus has already done.

I endeavor to affirm community as a gift of God’s grace for the purpose of exalting the Son and making him known. In other words, community is not about us; it is about God. Community is an instrument of worship, a weapon against sin, and a tool for evangelism—all for the exaltation of Jesus.

If you want to inspire people to the mission of God, you must lift up the Son. [When we don’t it is] like trying to inspire a painter with a tube of paint. It isn’t the paint that is inspiring – it is the sunset.

When we are afraid to share ownership of our vision with others, we make a statement about the sovereignty of God. We say that although God is trustworthy and faithful, I am pretty sure that if I stop running on this hamster wheel, then it will all fall apart. An unwillingness to share leadership is as much about doubt in God and others as it is about confidence in one’s own ability.

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