Tolle Lege: Tell the Truth

Readability: 2

Length: 207 pp

Author: Will Metzger

Too often books or courses on evangelism reduce the gospel down to a few bullet points hoping to make the task of evangelism less daunting.  Early Metzger offers no apologies for doing the opposite in his book, Tell the Truth.

The extensiveness of this gospel summary may surprise you.  I do not apologize for this. I am convinced that God purposes our speaking the truth in love as the predestined means of salvation.  If all Christians learned these truths, their witness would be more God-honoring and their spiritual growth enhanced as they daily reexperience the gospel of grace.  The gospel is for Christians.  God may use a minimal amount of truth to quicken someone; that’s his prerogative.  Our privilege is to enter into the depths of the whole gospel, sinking roots into that life-giving water.

A small gospel means small Christians.  Every day of your life as a Christian should be one of growing in your understanding of and conformity to the gospel you are meant to preach.  How can we commend something we think worth only a fraction of our mind and commitment?

This is the best book on evangelism I’ve read.   Here the whole gospel is commended to whole person, by whole people.  Don’t miss this book.

This is a book about the scandal of sovereign salvation.  In it, I blame God for salvation, in the sense that he is totally responsible.  He organized a rescue operation within the Trinity – designing, supplying, accomplishing and restoring those who are in peril.  Our triune God is the Author and Fulfiller, the Originator and Consummator, the Creator and Redeemer.  It’s all God’s fault – a grace that gives response-ability to the spiritually dead.

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