Satan Invented Moving, But Jesus Redeemed It

As we are moving and seeking to sell our house, we had our bathtub reglazed today. The repairman, sympathetic to our plight, said he was pretty sure that Satan invented moving. I don’t like any form of sacrilegious humor, though hypocritically I might laugh or make such a comment, not even Satan is to be joked about. Still this repairman spoke better than he knew, or I knew until a little reflection.

Home was the garden. Satan suggested that moving would be a good idea. It wasn’t. We were driven from our blessed home into the cursed wilderness by loving his lies.

But Jesus “moved” too. He took on flesh and entered our wilderness to make a way home. Jesus redeemed moving. When Jesus ultimately “moves” us we won’t have to bring or pack any of our old baggage, and we won’t want to either. No more renting, we will finally be home.

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