Tolle Lege: A God-Sized Vision

Readability:  1

Length: 187 pp

Author: Colin Hansen and John Woodbridge

Burnt on revival? Does the word conjure up images of a planned event that failed to produce the thing longed for?

If you are not longing for revival may I submit to you that it is because you don’t know what one is? It isn’t something we schedule. It isn’t something we pull down from heaven; rather it is heaven graciously coming down to us. Revival is God doing what He is always doing redemptively for His church, but in a concentrated manner. God is always saving and sanctifying His people, but in revival He does so in a marvelous way. We should long for this.

Here Colin Hansen and John Woodbridge help us in A God-Sized Vision. They show us that revival is both a Biblical and historical truth and reality. History is God’s story. The Bible is His inspired Word, but God has also spoken through church history for our edification. Church history is not infallible, but nonetheless, we like the ancient Israelites, would do well to remember what God has done in our past, so that we may anticipate His mighty redemption yet to come.

Here is a book of revival stories that will bring joy and inspiration, but best of all, that will move you to pray and long for God to do it again.

WTS Books: $11.38              Amazon:$11.55

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