Tolle Lege: If You Could Ask God One Question

Readability:  1

Length: 121

Author: Paul Williams and Barry Cooper

This book has some good questions. But that alone isn’t a reason to buy it, it also has good answers with British wit and sarcasm to boot.

If You Could Ask God One Question deals with twelve questions skeptics often ask today and deals with them scripturally, concisely, and humorously while remaining reverent. This is a great book if you want some answers for yourself or for a friend. Its friendly sarcasm and brevity make it great to give away and have conversations over. Here are the questions dealt with.

  1. If you’re really there, God, why on earth don’t you prove it?
  2. Isn’t the Bible just a bunch of made up stories?
  3. All good people go to heaven, right?
  4. If you’re a God of love, why send anyone to Hell?
  5. If Jesus really was your Son, how come He got killed?
  6. If I can be forgiven everything, doesn’t that mean I can do whatever I like?
  7. How can anyone be sure there’s life after death?
  8. What about followers of other religions?
  9. Isn’t faith just a psychological crutch?
  10. Why do you allow suffering?
  11. Why do you hate sex?
  12. Why don’t you just do a miracle?

One thought on “Tolle Lege: If You Could Ask God One Question”

  1. Well, having tuned in here and there to those british comedies on PBS, I confess that I don’t usually understand British humor. I’ll give this one a go though as it sounds good. It will have to go on my list AFTER the tilt o whirl book though.


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