Tolle Lege: Is It Nothing to You?

Readability:  1

Length: 134

Author: Frederick Leahy

Frederick Leahy has written a trilogy, The Cross He Bore, The Victory of the Lamb and Is It Nothing to You?, of short little books on the cross that are all dynamite. Of the three Is It Nothing to You? is my least favorite, but it is still well worth reading. I would recommend anyone to read all three.

Leahy has a gift, a gift very valuable to a minister of the Word. It is the gift of a sanctified imagination. While remaining faithful to the word of God, Leahy takes you to the cross, and helps you to see vividly the spiritual realities of what happens there. There is both light and heat here.

This was paradoxical service: the greatest of all became the least of all, and he who clothes everything, retained nothing, that we might be clothed with the perfect spotless robe of righteousness.

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