Tolle Lege: Thriving at College

Readability:  1

Length: 317

Author: Alex Chediak

I wish this book had been published before I started college and that someone had given it to me. It is the book I will give to all high school graduates, and I will recommend it to all college students as well. Alex is an “insider”, a former student who is now a professor, giving you mature wisdom from both angles. Thriving at College deals with faith, friendships, finances, family, academics, and character; every crucial area receives thorough treatment.

Each of the ten chapters deals with a common mistake made by college students. Here is the table of contents:


  • Common Mistake #1: Chucking Your Faith
  • Common Mistake #2: Treating College as if It Were High School


  • Common Mistake #3: Not Being Intentional
  • Common Mistake #4: Distorting Dating and Romance
  • Common Mistake #5: Refusing to Grow Up


  • Common Mistake #6: Being a Flake
  • Common Mistake #7: Living out of Balance


  • Common Mistake #8: Being Too Passive or Too Cocky
  • Common Mistake #9: Living for Grades
  • Common Mistake #10: Wasting Opportunities

I made the decision to go to college almost by accident. What else was I supposed to do after high school? I was a fairly good student, but I lacked the maturity to make that really huge decision in a constructive, sensible manner. Frankly, my college years could have been better. Today, I look back on my younger self in college and wish I could have a cup of coffee with him. I wish I could give him somehard- earned advice.

That’s why I’m writing this book. I can’t take my younger self out to coffee. There’s no time machine for that. But as a college professor today, I have the chance to observe students and how they live their lives. I’m amazed at how many of them remind me of my former self. This book is, in essence, an attempt at taking you out to Starbucks and telling you what I’ve learned about the college years— and, most  important, telling you how to make your college season the best years of your life (so far). I cannot tell you how much I wish someone had told me these things when I was in college.

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