Tolle Lege: Doctrine

Readability:  2

Length: 436

Author: Mark Driscoll

I enjoyed reading Mark Driscoll’s and Gerry Breshear’s Doctrine, but I would recommend Grudem’s Systematic Theology ahead of it, for it covers much more ground while maintaining a great level of clarity and simplicity. So why recommend Doctrine? There are three reasons.

One is simple. While Doctrine is a weighty tome, 436 pages, it is still slim compared to Grudem’s at 1167 pages. So for those looking for something less through, something brief, but something that still covers all the major themes and doctrines of Scripture, Doctrine is a better choice.

Second, Doctrine uniquely traces the major themes of Scripture along the Biblical storyline. Thus systematic theology and Biblical theology are both here.

Third, and the major reason why one can profit from reading Doctrine even if they have tackled other systematic theologies is that Driscoll and Brashear’s thoroughly apply each doctrine to life.

So while this book may be too long for some and too short for others, all can profit from it.

We want the Bible in your hand, the Holy Spirit in your heart, other Christians in your life, and Jesus on your horizon, so that you can life a truly biblical life to God’s glory, your joy, and other’s good.

As a result of the fall, the descent into sin has continued unabated ever since.  A respect for authority was replaced by rebellion. A clear conscience was replaced by guilt and shame. Blessing was replaced by physical, spiritual, and eternal punishment. Viewing God as a friend to walk with was replaced by viewing him as an enemy to hide from. Trust was replaced by fear. Love was replaced by indifference and even hatred. Intimacy with God was replaced by separation from God. Freedom to obey God was replaced by enslavement to sin. Honesty was replaced with lying and deceit. Self-sacrifice was replaced by self-centeredness. Peace was replaced by restlessness. Responsibility was replaced by blaming. Authenticity was replaced by hiding.

Indeed, worship is not merely an aspect of our being but the essence of our being as God’s image bearers.  As a result, all of life is ceaseless worship.  Practically, this means that while worship does include corporate church meetings, singing songs, and liturgical forms, it is not limited by these things, defined solely as these things, or expressed only in these things, because worship never stops. Rather, we are continually giving ourselves away or pouring ourselves out for a person, cause, experience, achievement, or status.

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