Tolle Lege: The Christian Life

Readability:  1

Length: 201

Author: Sinclair Ferguson

New converts may often err by being overly fascinated with what to do now that they are a Christian, rather than thinking about what has been done to them first. Apparently we default into works even immediately after experiencing grace. Those who counsel these new converts are no help either. Sinclair Ferguson does not make this fault in The Christian Life. Here is a description life of the child of God that is unique; it is as the byline says “A Doctrinal Introduction.”

The bulk of this book deals with what has been done to us, and then turns briefly to what we then do as a result, which is really discussing God’s continuing salvation in us, finally, Ferguson turns what God will do. Here is an approach to the Christian life more concerned with God’s words and truth than our actions. This is not to say our actions are unimportant, rather it is to discover the grounds and power for Christian living. This leads to more Christian living, not less.

What then are the basic needs which are met in the message of the gospel?

(i) We need re-creation by Christ in order that the image of god, once distorted by sin, may be restored. (ii) We need deliverance from the dominion of sin in order that we may live freely for God. (iii) We need to be rescued from the power of Satan so that our lives may be given to Christ the Lord as his glad bondslaves. (iv) We need to be saved from the wrath of God so that, released from this most terrifying of all prospects, we may live the life of forgiven sinners.

We have neither claim nor right to his gracious summons, any more than the unformed mass of darkness and chaos in the primeval time could lay claim to the voice of God to bring light and form order.

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