Tolle Lege: 40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law

Readability:  3

Length: 230

Author: Thomas Schreiner

Have you ever asked one of the following questions?

  • Does the Old Testament teach that salvation is by works?
  • What is the New Perspective on Paul and how should it be assessed?
  • Are Gentiles under the law?
  • What is the “law of Christ”?
  • Do James and Paul contradict one another on justification by works?
  • Is the Sabbath still required for Christians?
  • Should Christians tithe?

If you have then Thomas Scheiner’s 40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law is very helpful. This is one of the more helpful books that I have read on the relation of the law to Christians today. The format of the book is what makes it so incredibly helpful. While is it not a book that everyone may want to read all the way through, it still would be very valuable for a reference. There is also an annotated bibliography for further reading. For those troubled by the relation of the Old Testament to the New this is a helpful work.

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