Tolle Lege: D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Readability:  2

Length: Volume One – 377, Volume Two – 777

Author:  Iain Murray

I don’t remember enjoying Iain Murray’s two volume biography of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones when I first read it in 2007 as much as I did this time. I certainly liked it before, but now it is among my favorite biographies.  The books are massive, but the journey is worth it, especially if you are a pastor.

Here is a man whose ministry was anointed by God, whom God is still using today through his writings to minister to the church. He is a man, he has faults (part of the greatness of this biography is that it doesn’t cover them up), but he is a man of God, there is much we can learn from him. As I read I was moved, encouraged, convicted, humbled, and uplifted in worship.

Lloyd-Jones was a doctor, but not of theology, he was a doctor of medicine. He gave up a promising career in medicine to enter the ministry, but if you were to ask him he never made a sacrifice. Originally he returned to his Welsh homeland to minister in an obscure little church. This seems to have been his only ambition.  God blessed his ministry mightily there and his influence began to spread.  Just before the Second World War he joined G. Campbell Morgan as co-pastor of Westminster Chapel. In many ways he would stand alone during his thirty year ministry there, but he would also influence and be loved by many.

I don’t really feel as if I have to sell this biography too much. If you have read something by him I expect you will want to. If you have not I encourage you to take up Spiritual Depression, or Preaching and Preachers. After that I am certain you will want to know the man behind the books.

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