Tolle Lege: What Is the Gospel?

Readability:  1

Length: 121

Author:  Greg Gilbert

The false gospels out there are legion, and where the true gospel is believed it is often relegated to the periphery. Good, short, easily understood books that answer the question, “What is the Gospel?” without being overly reductionist are needed. Greg Gilbert’s book helps meet this need. This isn’t a must read, but it is a good read if you need some clarity with brevity, or if you want to go through the gospel with a “de-churched” friend who has misunderstood the message of Christ.

Now, having looked at Paul’s argument in Romans 1-4, we can see that at the heart of his proclamation of the gospel are the answers to four crucial questions:

  1.  Who made us, and to whom are we accountable?
  2. What is our problem? In other words, are we in trouble and why?
  3. What is God’s solution to that problem? How has he acted to save us from it?
  4. How do I – myself, right here, right now – how do I come to be included in that salvation?  What makes this good news for me and not just for someone else?

We might summarize these four major points like this: God, man, Christ, response.


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