Tolle Lege: The Unquenchable Flame

Readability:  1

Length:  191 pgs

Author:  Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves has written an introduction to the reformation that is fun to read, brief, accurate, and inspiring.  He begins by giving the necessary historical backdrop to understand the reformation, dealing with figures such as John Wycliffe and Jan Huss.  He then goes on to Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin; followed by a look at the reformation in Britain from Thomas Cranmer to the Puritans.   The Unquenchable Flame also includes a helpful timeline and further reading suggestions.  Mark Dever’s endorsement says it best,

With the skill of a scholar and the art of a storyteller, Michael Reeves has written what is, quite simply, the best brief introduction to the Reformation I have read.

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