My Celebrity Wife

Bethany’s fame is growing.  Yesterday she had over fifty hits on her blog for her first post, then she makes the news last night.  Seems others realize what I have long known – I married an exceptional teacher, the best teacher in Tulsa.  Here is a excerpt from an article on the NewsOn6 website.

According to one parent, Mrs. King is a Tulsa Public Schools standout. The kind of teacher you pray for your student to have.

‘Her first grade teacher saw in her her desire to learn,’ said Mandy Vavrinak, Tulsa Public School Parent. ‘And really has spent the entire year, building her strengths, challenging her and pushing her to learn and grow.’

You can read the whole article here, or, watch the video here, or read her take on it here.

2 thoughts on “My Celebrity Wife”

  1. Can you believe it?? She has become a celebrity. Like Josh said, we all knew she was special and a blessing for a long time. What a teacher…most parents wouldn’t take the time to fight for a good teacher. God is still in control and we’re not going to worry about a job next year. He already has a plan…we just have to wait for HIm to reveal it to us.


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